Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Birth Of Bloggertropolis

Ok. Technically it should be “re-birth”. After nearly 2 years of hand coding my own blog on Pocketropolis I’ve finally taken the plunge and got me one of these here new-fangled third-party software driven automated blog things which means I can concentrate on the laughable quality of my writing while some clever programming script does all the necessary back-flips and butt slapping to get it presented on-line in a fashion both ship-shape and aesthetically pleasing. All at the click of a button.


I love technology me.

Especially when it’s slapping my butt.

Seriously. Don’t knock a bit of html S & M until you’ve tried it. I love nothing better than being <> tagged to within an inch of a massive header.

Damn. First entry into my new blog and I’ve already fallen into the techie pervert trap... somebody better come and smack my script up. And fast.


Anonymous said...

Like the new look but am a bit concerned over your html fetish. A man of your age should be embarking on a serious and meaningful relationship with XML!

Steve said...

Mojojojo: I couldn't get to grips with it - far too spiky and clever-clever.