Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Housey Housey

Things are finally moving with regards the house sale! We had a letter from our solicitor yesterday to say they’d like us to make an appointment to go in and sign all the necessary documents. After months of delays it’s nice that things are finally moving.

In a lot of ways Karen and I have been very lucky – not only are we being given the opportunity to buy the house we’ve been renting for the last 2 years (which means no moving to do whatsoever – always a bonus) but we’re getting it at a remarkably reduced price. House prices in Leamington – especially for 3 bedroom – are extremely prohibitive for most buyers so to say we’ve been given a golden opportunity is no overstatement.

After some of the hardships of the last 12 months – losing the baby, money worries, illnesses and injuries – it’s damn nice to be having a spot of good fortune for once.


Old Cheeser said...

That's good to hear - sometimes I wonder what I'm doing living in London as house prices here are just too damn high - ridiculous! A 3 bedroom house would be most welcome.

Steve said...

House prices here are very comparable to London prices. We struck lucky with a decent landlord who wanted the house to go to good owners more than he wanted to make a tonne of money. A once in a lifetime opportunity!