Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Packing Some Heat

Can I just point out that ordinarily I do not belong to a Heat Magazine reading household? It’s just that yesterday, on route to the dentist to sort out her troublesome tooth, Karen stopped off at a newsagents and picked up a copy to help take her mind off the awful ordeal ahead. Then once the magazine was brought into the house and left lying around I just happened – purely by chance – to glance into it.

As expected it was infested with endless drivel about Big Brother, D list celebrities, dieting fads and stories about unfeasibly amoral housewives with a penchant for PVC and bakelite.

Ok. I made up that last bit.

But one thing that did catch my eye and genuinely made me laugh was a Big Brother lookee-likee section.

There were the usual comparisons: Shabnam looking like Ken Dodd, Tracey looking like Sean Bean, etc.

But the best one of all was the revelation that Seany actually looks like Chunk from The Goonies...


I can’t wait to see his Jabba impression...



We agree that he indeed does look like Chunk.......we love chunk.

Steve said...

Yep, Chunk was definitely the best character in the movie. I love the scene where he "spills the beans" to his captors and recounts every childish prank he ever undertook...!


We weep with laughter whenever we see that scene, my girls LOVE Chunk and the Goonies.