Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Can You Feel It?

No, I'm not talking about a game of hunt the sausage with Michael Jackson, I'm talking about the earthquake that struck the UK at 1.0 am last night.

Apparently it measured around 5.2 on the Richter Scale and was centred somewhere in Market Rasen in Lincolnshire.

The effects were felt all the way deep down in my neck of the woods in Warwickshire. Thankfully the only casualty in my house was a Lego Luke Skywalker figure who took a tumble from the top shelf and was later found by me, wedged (no pun intended Star Wars fans) behind some boxes on the floor. He was still gripping tight to his light saber, bless 'im.

That's the force for you.

Like I said: can you feel it?


Tristan said...

I'm sure you'll be glad to discover that Welwyn Garden City was untroubled by the earth moving last night. I'm sure that this is also true of most of its elderly residents...

Steve said...

Sorry to hear that, mate. I'm sure the earth will move for you soon...! ;-)

The Hitch said...

well the earth didnt move for me in west London, your star war figure reminded me of a house i pass on my morning walk, the guy who owns it has shelf after shelf of star wars figures. if any film justifies the purchase of a huge tv or projector, its star wars.
Last year I downloaded the original Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, most entertaining.

Steve said...

Ah, the orginal Hitchhiker's Guide... you're a man of exquisite taste Hitch. What did you think of the Martin Freeman version?

Anonymous said...

haha yeah I did but I thought it was something else altogether. Not THAT!! Fat chance. But yes, it was quite strong here.

But no casualties - well, other than my son making me look more than a little stupid and more than a little fattist. I won't repeat it all here - go read it for yourself (actually a short piece for my blog!)

Inchy said...

My house shakes fairly regularly, but that's mostly due to the nobber next door having a Subaru with an exhaust like the Iraqi supergun. Also the two gay gentlement who live upstairs from me regularly 'make the earth move' but not in a good way. Thank god for iPods.

Steve said...

Hi Gina, glad to hear that you had a knee-trembler of one sort last night at any rate! On my way to your blog right now!

Inchy, at least someone somewhere is getting some... I'd much rather be hearing that in the wee hours than the Subaru firing up: bloody awful cars!

The Hitch said...

I am usaly awakened by either an angle grinder or some cheery polish builder banter.

Steve I also d/loaded the film, not a patch on the series.

I do happen to be a fan of futurama, why oh why did they cancel it?

Inchy said...

Getting some?!

Trust me, it sounds like they are wrestling at first - lots of grunts and swearing - but then it gets worse, lots worse.
I shall speak no further of it.

I feel so cheap!

The Sagittarian said...

I take it that you don't often get earthquakes in the UK? We have heaps of the buggers and only really notice them now if they're more than 5. (we's stuff down here...)
Actually, when I lived and worked in Wellington the Civil Defense people had us all with earthquake survival kits at the ready and it was rumoured that when The Big One struck there would be at least 12ft deep of broken glass on the main roads of the city from all the office blocks etc. Oh er!!

The Sagittarian said...

Actually, if you are bored enough this website is one that we have on our favourites at home to keep up with them all!!

Matthew Rudd said...

The dogs slept through it. If we get burglars, I now know they'll just ask them to rob the place quietly.

Steve said...

Inchy, maybe they are wrestling... I've heard rumours that ITV are planning on resurrecting Gladiators... maybe Wolf and Rhino have moved in above you and are getting themselves into shape. Listen carefully, you might here Ulrika providing a voice-over...!

Amanda, an earthquake in the UK is a rare thing: maybe one every decade. Usually small, inconsequential and farty. The news reports the next day are then full of wonky chimney stacks, slipped roofing tiles and stories of people "feeling the house shake". Then the papers report that to put right the damage could cost millions of pounds! God knows what we'd do if a real monster quake hit (though I'm pretty sure the trains wouldn't run).

Hi Hitch, yeah I liked Futurama too - I thought it more adult and more cutting than The Simpsons: maybe that's why - it was more dangerous. Sadly though I suspect the plug was pulled because it simply was never going to topple The Simpsons from it's big earning position.

Matthew, maybe your dogs figured it was just a typical, weak-kneed UK quake and wasn't worth bothering about. I'd rather have had their sober reaction than all the high octane "action" reportage on News 24 yesterday.