Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Odds Bodkins

Forgive the lack of cohesion on this post today but it amply reflects how my mind is not working. Mid-week fatigue. Ah. Dontcha just love it.

So to catch up and round down:

The pregnancy continues well in itself though it’s triggering Karen’s latent IBS. This means she’s in pain when she eats, in pain if she doesn’t and can’t ever guarantee a good night’s sleep... hence she’s permanently exhausted. Thankfully her bosses have agreed to let her reduce her hours: she no longer has to work Friday’s. This has made the working week a lot more manageable for her.

The novel continues apace: I shall post another excerpt soon. I’m sure you can all contain yourselves in the meantime.

And lastly, I was sent a link to the Simpson’s movie site ( It’s great – you can make your own Simpson’s cartoon character/avatar. Mine is above. Apart from a few minor discrepancies it looks a lot like me. On a bad day. Or even a good one. He’ll be the one miserably reading a poetry book and sipping a double whisky at the back of Moe’s Bar.

Hey dudes, eat my short.


TimeWarden said...

Like your avatar, though I bet you don't have a moustache that large or only four fingers on each hand!

I've only ever seen one episode of "The Simpsons"! That was the one with Mulder and Scully so I was really watching it with ulterior motives!!

-eve- said...

Your profile pic looks good. Now that you mention the Simpsons pic looks like you, though (plus the idea of you miserably reading poetry in the bar), I'm beginning to have 2nd thoughts about how you DO look...;-)

Saw the page; it's nice. The impression is clean and semi-formal...

Steve said...

Hi TimeWarden,

No, you're right my moustache isn't quite that mighty and I do have a full compliment of fingers I'm relieved to say. I also have a tiny beard (like an imperial) but I couldn't find the equivalent on the Simpson's site. Most remiss of them methinks.

Hi Eve,

He he he! So what did you think I looked like? Careful! I can tell you now that I don't look like Homer, Moe or Mr Burns. Or Smithers. I'd have to think about Marge though... (only joking)!

Rol said...

I tried this, but it didn't look anything like me.

I must have too bland a face.


-eve- said...

Well, for starters - I didn't think you had a moustache! It doesn't show in your profile pic (which is a pretty cool one, btw :-))

Steve said...

Thanks Eve - I took it myself with my trustee digital camera. I actally have what is known as an "imperial" - moustache and tiny beard - Karen styled it for me not long after we started going out. When I took the photo and cropped it I was a bit worried it gave me an Adrian Mole appearance but in the end decided I quite liked it. It looks both cheeky and juvenile which sums me up rather well!