Monday, November 02, 2009

Seventh Heaven

The end of last week saw me both ill and gadgetted up with a brand new PC. Unfortunately the former delayed my getting to grips with the latter by a day or two.

‘Cos, let’s face it, you have to be completely healthy when faced with a brand spanking new PC complete with brand spanking new operating system – the much vaunted Windows 7. New PC’s are stress-fests of the highest order. Will it like your peripherals? Will it run your software? Or will it spit the dummy at the first whiff of your modem, tantrum at the mere proximity of your scanner? Will you have to claw your way through dozens of installation discs that have littered your shelves like strange voodoo objects that you’re too scared to throw away but have no idea what at all it is they were created to do?

The man in the computer shop assured me that the above scenarios would just not take place. Windows 7 is – despite a ubiquitous mistrust of all things Microsoft – a break-through. An operating system that for once delivers; it does exactly what it says on the box.

Just plug everything in, the man advised me, it’ll all work instantly...

Yeah right.

I’ve run PC’s for 10 years, mate. Plug ‘n’ play in a fallacy. It rarely happens. Instead it takes hours of head-bashing to work everything out or to download the necessary patches and updates and tweaks.

Like I said. I needed to be fully fit and healthy before attempting a job of this magnitude.

But blow me if the man wasn’t right.

The installation discs for my various bits of antiquated hardware were unnecessary. The dust on them has not been disturbed.

I plugged everything in and everything worked with barely a pause. I was online, emailed up and fully connected with the WWW in under 10 minutes. An absolute record.

No glitches. No freezes. No compatibility issues. All my hardware A-OK. All my software A-OK.

Microsoft has at last come up with a shiny new operating system that I have fallen completely in love with. It’s smooth. It’s (so far) stable. It’s visual and intuitive. It’s easily customizable. It’s fast (though this might have more to do with my quad core processor and fully stocked memory than the OS).

It’s, in short, beautiful.

I like it. I’m impressed.

Suddenly I’ve fallen in love with my computer again. I’m experiencing a new honeymoon period. I hate being away from it. For anyone or anything.

All other life is a distraction.

Me and my new motherboard, we’re like bonded, OK?

So, that’s it, folks. Me and Windows 7 have got things to do, things to discuss. We gotta shoot the breeze. And we might be some time.



The bike shed said...

Glad it worked out - of course, you're in the Honeymoon period now, but enjoy it while you can.

I went to the Apple store yesterday and was seduced by unnecessary purchases; but hey, what else do you do a wet Sunday?

Steve said...

Mark: spending money unnecessarily is what rainy days were invented for.

Inchy said...

You are such a nerd.

Welcome, brother!

The Joined up Cook said...

We got a laptop recently and that too was plug and play and like you it lived up to the promise.

Soon we'll get impatient with the tedium of having to plug things in.

Rol said...

I would leave a comment, but as your new PC has probably packed up by now, you wouldn't be able to read it.

Steve said...

Inchy: it's good to be looking out from inside the temple for once.

AWB: ...and gadget begat gadget... yeah I know how it works. I'm trying to resist the call of PC World even as I type.

Rol: jealousy is such an unhealthy colour... but it suits you.

KAZ said...

So happy for both of you.
I have Vista - though I didn't ask for it (replacement laptop from insurance) and I don't like it.

Steve said...

kaz: dump Vista. I skipped it in my journey from XP to 7; I'd heard bad things about it. Skip it (literally) and go for 7 - you won't regret it.

Inchy said...


Vista, now that it has had a million updates, patches and plug-ins, is perfectly serviceable, reliable and easy to use.


Steve said...


I had to Google "IMO". I feel like handing back my nerd bagde.

Inchy said...

In My Opinion.

For crying out loud, how the mighty have fallen!

Steve said...

Inchy: I know. I've packed my PC up and am taking it back to the shop tomorrow.

I'm not worthy.

But in my defence I'd like to point out that I am biologically and idealogically opposed to abbreviations, acronyms and text speak.

Suburbia said...

Wow! I can't believe it all worked! How wonderful, I need it NOW!

Don't be gone too long ;)

Sky Clearbrook said...

So, to paraphrase the irritating adverts, you're a PC and Windows 7 was your idea?

I still run XP (which I can't see past) on my main desktop and Vista (which I can) on my laptop. Like Inchy says, Vista's perfectly serviceable these days, but it still gets on my tits when it asks me for the 20th time whether I give permission for a programme to run - especially when I double-clicked the bugger to make it run in the first place!

The Sagittarian said...

Sounds wonderful, long may it continue to give while you receive!

Löst Jimmy said...

I don't know an adequate quirky comment to christen the new PC, perhaps bless this PC and all who surf on her??

Anonymous said...

I hope all the PC love means more blog posts!
I have vista, it came with.
I have a 'friend' he comes over and sorts all my 'glitches' and 'tweaks'.
He explains whats wrong while pretending he thinks I understand.
I pretend to be interested.
I think you should be that 'friend' to others, but charge them for your expertise.
IMHO. ;)

The Crow said...

PC bonding time is so important. It can make or break the whole relationship. Bond well, Ubergeek!


Steve said...

Suburbia: I've a feeling my wife and kids won't let me and my PC get too attached...!

Sky: I quite liked XP and found it very stable but I wouldn't touch Vista with a barge pole. What can I say? I am a PC and Windows 7 was completely my idea. Get it and thank me later.

Amanda: that's all the best relationships summed up right there!

Löst Jimmy: that'll do nicely. And 7 also has some nice lifeboat options that I have complete confidence in. Bring on the icebergs!

MissBehaving: In My Humble Opinion, right? See, I'm starting to get this computer speak after all. Your idea isn't a bad one, you know. It'll give me something to do while I'm AFK...!

The Crow: what can I say? Me and my motherboard are pulsing to the same frequency.

French Fancy... said...

No - come away from Mr Gates and the dark side. Come to Linux, come on.....

(and I have to say I fell on the floor in a dead faint when I saw you did not know imo- goodness, Steve, call yourself a nerd. Oh wait a moment - it was others that called you that!)

Hope you feel better soon - and now I have to work backwards on your blog to find out what was wrong - was it the Selfish Mother At The Meeting's germs?

Steve said...

FF: the dark side always looked far more interesting that the rather flat and boring Jedi I have to say. Just call me Darth Gates.

As for the malody... just sickness and bad guts. No sign of The Flu yet. Long may that continue!