Thursday, May 26, 2011


A quick heads-up to the following bloggers:

Bringing Up Charlie
Where's My Effing Pony
Selina Kingston Is Forty*

I'm currently unable to leave any comments on your blogs as Blogger repeatedly logs me out every time I attempt to do so. Apparently other blogs and bloggers are having the same problem and the matter has been reported (about 2 days ago) to Blogger. Blogger is "actively working towards a resolution".

Ho hum.

I'm not ignoring you, honest!

*There may be other blogs affected.


vegemitevix said...

Oh shit, I thought you were going to be all literary critic on ma blog! Whew!

Steve said...

Vix: rave review every time. ;-)

Trish said...

I have had similar problems the last few days, but only with blogger blogs which have a comment box within the post (like mine has always been). I couldn't even reply to comments on my own posts.
In the end I changed my comment setting to the type you have here (pop out box?) and it seems to have worked for my blog.

Steve said...

Trish: that's what Blogger are recommending as a work around but really... they ought to get their act together.

libby said...

Thanks Steve....I have been having problems posting comments/getting kicked out etc., but thought it was my ineptitude!

Steve said...

Libby: it's not you - it's Blogger and very frustrating!

Gorilla Bananas said...

I forgive you your sins as you forgive those who sin against you.

Suzanne said...

Not to worry at least we can still comment on yours.
Blasted blinkin Blogger (them not you).

English Rider said...

Thanks for the warning. I've just spent a week with a computer doctor changing disks and rebuilding hard drives that were in imminent danger of crashing. I daren't try to change anything. I'll wait a while. My non-G mail is stonecreations at if you ever want to circumvent.

Suzanne said...

Have changed my settings. Comment away - no pressure :)

Steve said...

Gorilla Bananas: that's very ecumenical of you.

English Rider: thanks for the alternative!

Suzanne: OK - will try again!

The Sagittarian said...

I have never had a rush of comments but I'm ok with that! :-)

Wanderlust said...

Blogger is having some real issues lately. They'd best get their act together of they're going to lose a lot of bidness.

Steve said...

Amanda: I think your blog is OK - it's only the ones with "Pop-up" comments boxes apparently!

Wanderlust: agreed. The worst thing is this issue isn't even appearing on their "known issues" page - and it's been reported hundreds of times since Tuesday.

Between Me and You said...

Same problem here - I just tried to post a comment for Libby and another friend but it keeps kicking me off - very bad behavious, Blogger! If you get this, Steve, have a good weekend!

Steve said...

Nana Go-Go: received and understood! I can't believe Blogger hasn't sorted it yet, to be honest. I think because it's a problem that doesn't affect everybody they're not seeing it as a priority.

Anonymous said...

Blogger is obviously cracking up; I have had problems with post vanishing, though I can read them in Google Reader. And today I have had to sign in three times already.

Steve said...

Alienne: apparently if you unclick the "keep me signed in" button it alleviates the commenting problem. Not sure what to do about the rest. But you're right that Blogger is cracking up. I blame the rapture, personally.

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Steve, I’m in awe of you. Truly. This is by far and above your finest work of literature yet. Totally gut wrenchingly honest, original and compelling. Really made me think outside of myself. The narrative runs along at such a pace it leaves the reader completely breathless. You are indeed the Master of the micro thriller. I await your next instalment with great anticipation…

Steve said...

Phil: I'm considering making it a trilogy. Or even 2 trilogies. I've already got George Lucas interested. Apparently, he loves my realistic dialogue.

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Oh, this is music to my ears. How about the best of three trilogies then and we’ll call it quits. George Lucas would be my choice too. He’ll make it so poetic and ethereal. I can see it now…In a Google Galaxy Far Far Away, the very existence of all cosmic life was being threatened by the appearance of a huge bloghole in cyberspace…until brave little Liam Skyjogger arrives to unleash the full powers of the force and thus save the universe from extinction…unless the dark and black leather clad Darth Izard can foil his desperate plans and win him over to the ‘dodgy side’… … ‘Star Wars – The Musical!!’
Appearing at a village hall near you – Christmas 2012.

Steve said...

Phil: I'd quite like Frankie Boyle to play Liam Skyjogger and Cheryl Cole to play Darth Izard. I think the cultural clash of their accents would be quite interesting and lend the ethereal, other-worldly dialogue some much needed earthiness.

English Rider said...

Steve and Phil as twin Widow Twankys to round out the Pantomime.

Steve said...

English Rider: I always wanted an ugly sister.

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Merds and Shizens!

I meant to ‘lob’ this comment back over to you sometime late last night, and I genuinely thought I had – but I didna not, did I ? What a numpty. Just realised what ‘actually’ happened. It’s all trudging back painfully slowly through the early morning fog here.

Before hitting the ‘send mail’ button for this little missive, I had to limp off a bit pronto-ish for a sudden panic pee. Then…on the way back from the neighbours rose garden…I stumbled into a nicely chilled bottle of white Bordeaux. Then, sometime much later, I got horribly lost trying to push my chin along the carpet, back to my PC. Which explains why I woke up in the other neighbours chicken coop I suppose. Thinks…don’t remember seeing any of their chickens on the way out just now. Strange. Wonder where they’ve gone then? Hmmm.

Here ya go then, better late then never – another one for you to play with when your bored again:-

Okee Dokee … I’m cool with that. But I want Cheryl to have a bit of a lithp and cry a lot. And Frankie needs to become a loud, uncouth, arrogant, foul mouthed, bad tempered, sporran throwing, kilt lifter.

An ah want Connelly to play a grumpy old, pissed as a fart –Yoda, with attitude.

An ah also want the light sabre’s upgraded to ‘Super Injunction Writs’.

You can suggest the rest here:

Chewbaccy ?

Princess Layher Orgasmathon (a Wolverhampton accent perhaps?)

R2-D2 ?

C-3PO ?

C-3PO’s Civil Partner ?

Darth Vaders Mother ?

Hans Solo ? (original codename for – masturbator of the universe by the way) (no really)

Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi ? (can I suggest someone of Irish Indian descent here. Please?)

Oh…and concerning your …”and lend the ethereal, other-worldly dialogue some much needed earthiness.” – Totally agree. I like my dialogues to be ‘totally natural & organic’ too.

And can you ask George if I can be the ‘Dolly Grip’ again please. I promise I’ll keep my hands to myself this time. Honest.

Okay…Your go…

Steve said...

Phil: Billy Connolly as Yoda? With copious outbursts of the f word, hopefully - fuck off, you will. Learn the way of the fucking force or help you I will fucking not. Yeah that could work.

As for Chewbaccy... I was thinking Justin Lee Collins. That Bristolian accent will soften Chewbaccy's growls somewhat.

C-3PO - Andrew Marr?

R2-D2: I thought just a mobile phone would do that and we'd get loads of money via product placement.

C-3PO's civil partner: you mean that isn't R2-D2?

Darth Vader's mother: I would have liked Thora Hird.

Hans Solo: that guy from Confessions of A Window Cleaner, whatsisname - Robin Askwith. Dead spit of Harrison Ford, he is.

Ben Obama Bin President O'Llama: hmm. Tricky. Ben Kingsley?

As for the dolly grip thing - does Ms Parton still do film work these days? If yes, maybe we could find her islands in the stream together?

Bish Bosh Bash said...

Connelly - “…or help you I will fucking not.” Ha ha Ha. Perfect. He’s hired then. I’ll give him a ring when bell ringing practice is over. Can’t hear a thing here where I live at the moment. Fucking cheapskate solicitors and estate agents. They never said a damn thing about the Cathedral next door when we bought this old abattoir. Gits. I hate em.

Justin Lee Collins as Chewbaccy? NOOOOOOO!! Not HIM! Well, only if you agree I can super injunction him to death in his first scene, just at the point he opens his gob to speak? Sorry Stephen, but him and that other fat fuckwit – James Corden really do get me throwing perfectly good cat food at the TV screen. Thinks!!?? How about if we invite Corden to the set on the first day of filming, annnnnd…you let me squash him with one of those great big ‘AT-AT Walker’ machines from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’? Would be cool to get a slo-mo shot of his fat piggy face head exploding and both his eyes popping out and flying off in different directions. Eeeeeeeuwe! Yuckety Yuck.

Be a big hit on YouTube too ? How about…Robbie Coltrane? orrrrrr Alexei Sayle? as Chewy instead?

C-3PO - Andrew Marr? Hmm, not sure about him. Anyway, hasn’t he already got a ‘superinjunk’ ? How about Angus Deayton orrrrr Jack Dee??

R2-D2 - Mobile phone. Perfect! Brilliant idea. Not o2 though, we’d never get through to the right person to chase our money up. Ever.

Re your: “C-3PO's civil partner: you mean that isn't R2-D2?” No no, they’re not ‘cool’ anymore. Used to be, until R2 snuck off and had a bit of a heavy duty probe about with ‘WALL-E’. C-3PO found out and welded up all his rear entry ports. Nasty it was. How about Vic Reeves?? Orrrr Stephen Fry ?

Thora Hird as Darth Vader’s mother. Now that’s what I call a class act. Darth wouldn’t dare rise up to her. Funny, when I picture Thora Hird, I always see Roy Hudd at the same moment. I’m sure she fooled us all and morphed herself into Roy Hudd just to get the ‘last laugh’ on the rest of us.

If Thora or Roy are too busy, how about trying Joyce Grenfell. She’d definitely get old Darthy Poohs in order. Take a look at this:

Robin Askwith as Hans Solo? You’re a genius. Brilliant choice. Just think of the depth of character substance and total integrity he’ll bring to the role. The critics will be completely speechless for once.

Re your: “…Ben Obama Bin President O'Llama: hmm. Tricky. Ben Kingsley?” Agreed. Tis a tricky one. ‘Sir’ Ben would be good, though he does get a bit prickly if you don’t keep calling him bloody ‘Sir Ben’ all the bloody time. What about Clint?... “Feel the Magnum Force Liam…” We could do with at least one real Zigga Zigga Star Stephen. Think of the appeal a movie like this would have to the Americans if we got Clint baby onboard in a central role like this??!

If he’s a bit busy with his own home movie making, we could always try say..Bill Nighy, Bill Bailey or Eric Sykes. I have to include Eric by the way cos he’s quite a comedy hero of mine. Every time I see his face I cant help starting to smile, in anticipation of what he’s about to say. Pure old school genius.

And as for DDDD-Dolly – Deal, Steve. You swing me the grip job and I’ll race you to the top of one of her twin island peaks while you race to the top of the udder one, and we’ll tweak each other from the pinipple’s.

Now where oh where can we find a role for Al Murray in all this??

Steve said...

Phil: Al Murray? Bleedin' obvious, ain't it? He'll be the bar tender at Mos Eisley, wunnee? When 3PO and R2 try to come in he'll be like, oi, doomee a faver, youse ain't welcome 'ere; we don' take your sort do we, nah get aht ovit!

George Lucas will cream his underpants when he hears legit street dialogue like that.