Saturday, August 18, 2007


I must admit to feeling quite upset this morning.

God knows we all receive negative comments every now and then and most of the time I hope that when they come my way I take them on the chin when they're deserved and give as good as I get when I think they're not.

This morning, however, I awoke to some comments on my blog which felt like personal attacks. I didn't publish them as they were from the ever misanthropic anonymous: although one did have the startling nom de plume "a web designer" it was fairly obvious they were all from the same person.

Basically the web sites I design are "bad" and my writing it seems isn't up to much cop either. It seems also that I'm not funny, though in brackets Mr Anon was keen to point out that I myself obviously think that I am.

I'm still wondering if I made the right decision by not publishing them - maybe I should have let you all read them too? As it was I decided to stick to my guns: no anonymous posts get published on my blog. Plus I didn't want to resurrect the upset they engendered in me every time I re-read them. I don't need that kind of crap in my life... so click. They're gone.

Part of me suspects they were a personal attack from someone who knows me. Part of me wonders if maybe I'm just hoping that's true so that it in someway invalidates what they said.

Anyway, a healthy stint in the garden - lawn mowing and the like - has righted my keel a little more now but that cloud of upset remains over me.

Maybe my web sites are bad? Certainly I acknowledge that they cannot compete with stuff you'd have designed for you by a huge company: I work alone and my knowledge base is therefore tiny in comparison. However, this is reflected in the prices I charge and I believe they are more than fair. Whatever, once the price has been agreed between me and the client that is the end of it. I deserve to get paid when the work is done. And I believe I have a perfect right to complain when this doesn't happen (the insinuation was that I had no right to the complaints detailed in the previous post).

And maybe my writing is bad too? That's a difficult one to answer. I can after all only write as I do. And I'm glad (arrogant maybe) to say that I've had far more people offer praise than criticism - though the latter I am always hungry for when it is constructive and helpful. Comments that I am "lame" and "not funny" aren't really helpful at the end of day. That's a subjective response. Sure you're entitled to feel that way Mr Anon but rather than leave a snide comment about it why don't you take your reading abilities elsewhere?

Ultimately Mr Anon, I wonder what the point of your comments were. To cause upset? To make yourself feel superior for a moment or two? Hey I can sympathise. I'm sure I'm guilty of such things myself some of the time. We all are.

Just don't do it on my blog. This is a forum for me to expunge my dirt. Not yours. And I believe that here I can write whatever the hell I like...


Lucy Dee said...


You know that spiteful commenter is just spilling vitriol on your site because he/she has nothing better to do. You shouldn't dignify their response with an answer nor a post. Really, they're not worth it. I'm sorry you were subjected to such venom, but know that you have a fan on the other side of the pond to counter-balance that ignorant malice.

With love,

The Sagittarian said...

I am more than proud to advise that I ahve added a link to your blog on my blog. I have been following oyur "chat" for some time via another blog and as we say down this way "bugger 'em".
Far too easy (no, not the Samoan prostitute) it is to post yourself anonymously..too scared to face critique themselves. I think you have done us all a favour. Carry on McDuff!!

Steve said...

Thank you both - that's made me feel a hell of a lot better. I can't put it into words big enough.

-eve- said...

Ohhh... don't worry about anonymous. :-) It doesn't matter at all. Can't imagine why he wanted to attack you, but if you ignore him, he's gained nothing :- ) Hope you're feeling better now....

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Well I for one enjoy your blog. Honest, amiable, well-spelt and you don't box yourself in on subject matter. And I've seen enough bad blogs to know. And Bloggertropolis is an excellent name too!

I think trolling is probably an occupational hazard to anyone with a blog, so don't worry! And you are probably quite right to refuse to post anonymous messages.

Steve said...

Eve, Laura, thank you both. I'm feeling much better about it all today!


Have you read what DOOCE has to say about nasty comments? Every so often she does a whole entry on them and I am just totally shocked at the things that people feel safe saying when calling themselves Anonymous.
The trolls obviously have no worthwhile life of their own and feel some kind of thrill out of their comments but I personally have never been able to see the appeal in what they do.
I have to say that your comments entertain my family so keep up the good work.

Steve said...

Thank you Ally, that's hugely appreciated. I've got a big smile on my face this morning - and I will probably scare the bejasus out of the postman as a consequence!