Friday, April 04, 2008

Of Doorbells And Telephones

I’m sure that my irascibility this week has been caused by lack of sleep pure and simple but it’s curious to note that it has had some positive effects.

I’ve noticed that during any R&R time that I’ve managed to claw to myself over the last few days I’ve been more reluctant than usual to answer the doorbell or the telephone.

In fact “reluctant” is an understatement.

I’ve just refused outright to do it. And it’s felt absolutely great.

Not that I’m shutting out friends or neighbours you understand – I’m 99.9% positive that most of these would be intruders were cold callers, charity workers and salesmen. You can always tell. Usually I at least open the door and give them a polite no thanks but this week I’ve just ignored them completely – and taken great delight in the fact that the TV and any ambient household conversations were all perfectly audible.

On the occasion that the telephone has rung and I haven’t recognized the number I haven’t answered it. Sorry. Too bad. Not interested. Even if you are Keeley Hawes begging me for a pint, a curry and a tongue sarnie.

It feels wonderful to be free of the slavery to the ring tone.

I’ll communicate when I’m ready to, thanks.

And when I want new windows I’ll do my own research and make my own decision in my own free time.

Until then the drawbridge is pulled up and there are sharks in the moat. Attempt to cross at your peril.


The Sagittarian said...

Aw, you're a legend in your own lunchtime! I LOVE doing that, it's even better if they can see your outline thru the glass in the door but hey...I was blown away by how liberating it was to not answer the door, phone or anything until I felt like it. I still get a buzz outta not answering the phone just cos I can! Well done, you. If you ever make it out this way, there's a chocolate fish waiting with your name on it.
And then there's the "knock knock - who's there" jokes - answer : Who cares!

Steve said...

Hi Amanda, I must admit I did experience a sense of evil glee by hovering in the hallway behind the door but still refusing to open it... ah, it's the small things in life that make it so worthwhile!

I have to say that even if NZ hadn't long intrigued me as a place to visit the promise of a chocolate fish alone would encourage me to start saving for the air fare... many thanks! ;-)

TimeWarden said...

But, what if you make it out to NZ, then Amanda doesn't answer the door?! No chocolate!!

I hate being interrupted, by the phone or doorbell, especially if I'm writing or halfway through a TV show, as I hardly watch any these days! So, when I do, I really don't want to be disturbed!! It breaks my concentration.

My Dad always asks for tariffs, which they never seem able to supply, then asks them to mail him a copy so he can consider his options, like he has any intention of doing so. Invariably, the callers give up on him!

Steve said...

Hmm. I can see I might have to camp out on the doorstep to get the chocolate...!

I hate being interrupted during a favourite TV show too - even though I'm aware that it's probably very anti-social. I get very po-faced about it: the director and actors have worked hard to produce a piece of art and I want to fully immerse myself in it and give it my full appreciation without interruption from the outside world!

With telephone callers I've given up being polite. If I have been caught out and have happened to answer the phone I just shout "no thanks" and hang up straight away. I wish I had the energy to toy with them mercilessly like your dad!

-eve- said...

Good :-) I like not answering the door too.... hehehe :-)

The Sagittarian said...

Oh Timewarden, what a marvellous idea. It had not crossed my mind of course...of course not. I wouldn't do that.

Or would I? mwahahahahahaha

KeyReed said...

Register with the Telephone Preference Service I love it when the occasional call gets through and I can say "Do you realise we are registered with the TPS?" but I get really p*ssed off when they try to reply "We are exempt".

Steve said...

Eve, I'd like it to become a global pasttime... or maybe even an Olympic sport!

Amanda, I promise not to try and sell you triple glazing or ask for a regular monthly donation to the local puppy farm...!

Tenon_Saw - excellent practical advice! I shall give that a go right now - many thanks!


I have great difficulty understanding what is being said on the phone,however I can easily tell when my bank is calling.....the broad Glaswegian accent is a dead give away!My hearing is so bad that I can only understand half of what is being said.Almost as bad is NTL whose offices appear to be based in India,the last phone call I received from them I just could not understand what was being said and she just wouldn't stop reading from her 'script' long enough to let me explain that I just couldn't understand what she was saying.I am ashamed to say I hung up as I just couldn't get her to shut up and listen to me!
As for the door,we have a back-to-front house on a pedestrianized estate and only people who don't know you come to the front door so we never answer the door anymore.The last cold caller was a bird charity who just couldn't understand why I wouldn't give my bank details to a stranger!

Steve said...

I sympathise Ally. Charity reps who ask for bank details really get my goat. We had one from Bernardos a while back and while I was happy to give a one-off donation they didn't want it but wanted to set up a regulalr direct debit instead! In the end I backed out but felt really harrassed. If I want to give by DD I'll look into it myself and choose my own charity to support but I'm not giving my bank details to a stranger at the door even if he is dressed in a nice suit and has an authentic looking ID card!

Old Cheeser said...

It's nice being to shut out the outside world and say "NO!"

And at 6.20pm tonight I hope you'll be doing the very same, Stevenage!

Steve said...

That's certainly the plan OC - about to get a meal on the go and then settle down to watch the good Doctor while it cooks merrily away...! ;-)