Monday, March 05, 2007

Vision Express

Vision Express pic
Being rather visually pedantic I’m always greatly amused when I see the Vision Express advert on TV. You know the one: some drippy guy in a raincoat walks through a forest with freshly developed photographs dropping out of the back of his coat every second.

Personally, if I was shitting Polaroids every time I took a stroll through the Forest of Dean I don’t think an optician is the first person I’d be booking an appointment to see…


TimeWarden said...

According to "Primeval", the Forest of Dean is overrun with Dinosaurs, at the moment, so that could explain it!


I think that adverts are getting weirder and weirder so we the punters will not forget what they are advertising.I can remember so many adverts but not actually remember what they are selling,they are probably designed for forgetful idiots like me!