Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Too Cute For Words (But I’m Gonna Try)


Tom was sick the other morning. Not a sign of illness of bad food, thank God, just a cough that dug a little too deep. A cough with follow through, if you like.

This occasioned not only a change of bed sheets and jim-jams but also necessitated a ride in the washing machine for “Teddy” and “Snow Bear”, Tom’s utterly devoted sleeping companions.

Now, Tom already loves the washing machine and likes nothing better than to help me load it up ready for a wash. However, given that Tom’s bed mates were going to be subjected to the wash and spin cycle we decided it might be a little traumatic for Tom to condemn his friends to such an ordeal and so snuck the toys in while he was preoccupied with CBeebies.

There was no fooling Tom. As soon as the washing machine kicked into life Tom rushed over to it and stared into its portal window with a look of consternation. There, deep within its foamy innards, Teddy and Snow Bear could be seen sloshing about barely (sorry!) keeping their heads above the torrential suds.

Tom’s hand went to his mouth. His other hand pointed to the washing machine and a loud, sympathetic “aaah” could be heard.

Tom checked on their progress regularly throughout the morning. As soon as the washing machine reached its conclusion and became silent and still Tom was canny enough to wait for the door to unlock itself before he burst into action. Quick as a Flash (sorry again!) he opened up the door and fished his bedraggled friends out.

They were each given a big hug and a kiss and were then carried lovingly to the sofa where they were lain down side by side on the cushions. Tom put his fingers to his lips and told them “shhh”; a clear indication that he felt that a little sleep was all they needed to put their soapy ordeal well behind them.

Altogether now: aah!

I would now like to start a campaign to change the current Oxford Dictionary definition of “cute” to the post above. All Blogger support appreciated.


Pearl said...

You have my support. Should anyone call from the dictionary, I shall through my impressive and primarily imaginative weight behind your proposal.

(It is horribly cute that he laid them down for a little rest afterward. The child has a lot of compassion.)


Suburbia said...

Support all round here!! Lovely post, what cutie, he'll make a great dad himself one day.

Steve said...

Surburbia: I'm certainly hoping so... though I haven't thought so far into the future yet as to imagine myself a granddad!

skatey katie said...

gorgeous (can't think of any other bear/bare comments - i'll blame the wine) X

Steve said...

Katie: I'm sure the wine can take it! ;-)

Owen said...

Extremely cute !

Reluctant Blogger said...

Awww. I'm glad he didn't try to break the glass on the washing machine to try and rescue them. I suspect that is what my youngest would have done.

Adorable. It's not helping my broodiness though!

The Sagittarian said...

Ah, I recall those days of having to sneak the bear into the wash...and the cuddly blanket! Sounds like Tom is, as mentioned already, a very sweet wee man. You've done well.

Anonymous said...

I will publicly support your petition, thoroughly cute.

My son once did something similar, laying out the soft toys, stroking them, a kiss here and there, but then he ran them all over with a shopping trolley.
Quite a different personality to your cutie I'd say ;)

Steve said...

Amanda: Tom never been one for a "blankee" or even a comfort toy that he drag around the house... but at night, at sleepy time, teddy and snow bear are a must.

Missbehaving: different personalities indeed but your little man sounds a right giggle!

Owen said...

Just wait though Steve, once the "extremely cute" phase draws to a close, then you get into the "extremely clever" phase, when the little blighters start doing life-science experiments, like seeing what happens when one empties the entire jumbo size box of laundry detergent powder into the machine and then turns it on to see how much suds it can make come out around the gaskets onto the floor... or hides the bottle of ketchup in the machine to see how mommy will like the white sheets dyed pink... well, you get the picture. Hope you are having a happy fourth of July, watching the ex-British subjects across the water celebrating their independence... for France in ten days we'll drink to the end of the monarchy... so, hmmm, what is the comparable day for the UK ??? Guy Fawkes ?

Steve said...

Owen: Tom is already showing a worrying interest in the fridge freezer as well as the washing machine so I think your forecasts are more than likely accurate. He's also managed to suss out more functions on my mobile phone than I was aware it actually had...

As for July 4th type celebrations... I suppose Guy Falkes is our nearest act of "rebellion worship"... normally we are the nation that people rebel against!

The Joined up Cook said...

There's a danger sign for future years there.

He knows how you think and can anticipate your behaviour.

Just imagine how he will use that ability when a teenager.

Steve said...

AWB: I am. My hair has turned white.