Friday, July 30, 2010

Stuff & Nonsense

Technically this is product placement. Or at the very least free advertizing. And I’m selling it cheaply. It’s not as if I’m being offered free tickets, a lifetime’s supply of Dairy Milk or even access to Keeley Hawes’ bra drawer. No. I’m just being offered the faintest possibility of some extra readers finding their way to my blog, the merest whiff of a little extra exposure.

Am I really such a mediawhore that I’ll bend over backwards for such pallid, watery inducements?

Yes. Quite clearly I am.

I received an email from “Bizhan” who works for a company called Nonsense. No wait. It is genuine. Honest. And Nonsense are currently working with the Science Museum in London “on a fun little project around their new 'Who am I?' gallery - which raises interesting questions about what makes you, you.”

And all Bizhan wants before he’ll advertise my blog on every billboard, flyover and internet discussion forum in the universe is for me to pose one small question to you all.

What makes you smile?

Answering couldn’t be simpler. Answers can be by tweet to @sciencemuseum, posted on the Science Museum Facebook Wall, or even written into the comments field below my blog post.

And get this - “They’d especially welcome any video responses”.

Well, given my recent post on Erin Andrews, a video response from Mr Peephole-Pervert (double barrelled – oh so upper class) could be very interesting indeed, though I’m not sure how the Science Museum’s family oriented demographic would respond to such an interesting piece of avant-garde human biology in action.

But hey – that’s not my problem.

So. Onto the meat. What makes you smile?

For me, it’s a great many things (which in itself is surely smile worthy?).

• My wife and kids.
• Holidays – basically any time of year when I am not at work but especially the times when the shit hits the fan and I’m not there to cop any of it.
• Lego – I just love the stuff.
• Old family photographs – though these sometimes make me sad at the same time.
• My youngest son learning to speak – we’re currently at that halfway stage when his verbal outpourings are half English and half Toddlerese.
• My friends.
• A good book.
• A superb piece of televised or cinematic drama.
• Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.
• Hillwalking or spending time in Wales or anywhere in fact where contact with other human beings is at a minimum.
• A clean house (yes, really).
• An unexpected joke.
• Happy memories.
• Gratuitous pictures of Keeley Hawes.

Ok. Now it’s over to you. Don’t let me down, folks. Keeley Hawes’ bra drawer could be on the line here (I’m hoping Bizhan will come through for me – I’m sure he knows people who could help or pull a few strings). Here are some links that might be of use to you in your sterling endeavours (though I'm hoping you'll show your loyalty to my blog by leaving your responses here).

Science Museum:


Nota Bene said...

Oh, oh oh...I had this Nonsense's been nearly at the top of my to do list for erm a little while now...I'm sure I'll get round to it soon. ish

Steve said...

Nota Bene: you mean they're asking everybody? I thought it was just me because I'm special. Damn. That makes me unhappy.

the fly in the web said...

Haven't asked me....but then nobody with any sense would, I suppose....

What makes me smile?
The dog.
A politician out to get my vote just before an election.
Someone who has lived in France for three years telling me how to integrate....
Flanders and Swann.
Not a lot else.

Wanderlust said...

What makes me happy:

A hot cup of coffee on a cold morning.
A long drive through open country.
An open day stretched out before me.
My child, asleep, in a makeshift fort he built from couch pillows.
Mixing up words, playing, struggling, then finding just the right combination to evoke what I was feeling, I sit back and read it and think "yes, that's it exactly."

Suzanne said...

yup I have also seen this on someone else's blog.
What makes me happy? Family, friends, being creative, dancing.
Oh and bright copper kettles with warm woollen mittens ;)

femminismo said...

I'm sure you were the *first* one they asked because you are awfully special. Thanks for checking in so often - and even leaving comments. You're the best. The "marbling" is really paint sponged on with bubble wrap. I recycle more bubble wrap than anyone on the planet, I'll bet. Whatever happened to your work colleague? Did your testifying bring forth justice? I hope so!

Steve said...

The fly in the web: I see no difference between the dog and the politician except the former is infinitely more lovable.

Wanderlust: cushion forts? Good call. They make me smile too.

Suzanne: nice to know we are singing (literally) from the same hymn sheet! ;-)

Femminismo: you are too kind, salving my barely bruised ego! See, that makes me smile too. No news yet. Will keep you posted as and when. Shh, for now though. ;-)

AGuidingLife said...

what would you do if you saw a kitten without whiskers would it make you unhappy or would you just be not made happy by coming into contact with it? This question bothers me far too much, time for the pills...oh, oh, oh the pills make me happy, that's right and chocolate of course but that's a given :0)

Steve said...

Kelloggsville: a kitten is a kitten. I'd love it just the same. And if it had no whiskers I'd go out of my way to get it some... 'cos as we all know, 8 out of 10 cats prefer...

libby said...

Love..laughter...babies....and looking into mirrors and 'practise smiling' just to try and stop growing old with miserable-ness...

The bike shed said...

What makes me smile?

Silly family jokes - the ones only you can get because you were there and it was all time and place...

That and remembering.

Not lego though. Or mecanno: even worse.

English Rider said...

On the subject of kittens.....

Owen said...

They asked me three times already... but I was too busy rummaging in a certain dresser drawer...

Being Me said...

• Using the allure of a competition *who can be first to fall asleep* to finally get two defiant toddlers to stop bouncing on their beds during a sleep-over, and watching them pass out from exhaustion within a minute.
• Watching the dog try and get a scrap of food off her back after my poor aim lands it behind her head stuck to her fur, instead of at her front feet.
• People on buses and trains. I can't help it, I giggle at the way everyone's heads sway and bob in the same, changing directions as the vehicle moves. Tickles me silly, it does.
• Oh and the no-brainer.... your posts! *suck*

TimeWarden said...

I'm all for gratuitous pictures of Keeley Hawes! There are a couple for her new series "Identity" (solo and group shot as seen on the letters page of the Radio Times a few weeks back) I've not been able to find on the net in a reasonable-sized format so if you've had better luck than me, Steve, please let me know!!

Steve said...

Libby: I plainly need to get me some more mirrors then!

Mark: no to Lego? Are you serious? How can you not love Lego - it's not great underfoot, I admit, but even so!

English Rider: I thought that would pique your interest!

Owen: save some for me!

Being Me: very worthy additions to the list. Especially that last one! Shucks! Thanks, pal! ;-)

TimeWarden: no luck so far though I do like Google's new format for searching for images: there's nothing like scrolling through an endless chequer board of Keeley Hawes!

The Sagittarian said...

Keeley has a drawer for her bras????

Steve said...

Amanda: I know. I was disappointed. I was pinning my hopes on a walk-in wardrobe. I'd love to explore her Narnia.

Not From Lapland said...

summer days, wine, bbq's, running around the garden naked, winning millions on the lottery...oh wait, that one hasn't happened yet but if it did, I guarantee you I would be very happy indeed.

Looking forward to seeing your name in lights throughout the UK!

Anonymous said...

Not to bothered about Keeley's bra or her top drawer, but I do get a lot of emails asking for this and that and I'm afraid, as much of a whore as I am, I generally press the delete button.

CJ xx

Steve said...

Heather: running around the garden naked? Does that make you and / or the hubby happy? ;-) I think I'd need a taller fence to try that here in the UK! Totally with you on the Lottery... if only, eh?

CJ: as long as it makes you happy when you do it! ;-)

The Crow said...

Being Me beat me to the punch. I always smile when I read your blog; always.

Well, except for the heartbreakers, such as those about your grandfater. Those, I cry.

Steve said...

The Crow: thank you - that's another one to add to the list: praise makes me smile. :-)

Löst Jimmy said...

You've sold me on the Gratuitous pictures of Keeley Hawes bit

Steve said...

LöstJimmy: 'tis good to have a common currency that we men of letters can agree upon! ;-)