Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bad Debtors

It’s rare that I gripe about monetary matters on this blog but today I’m feeling particularly nettled.

As well as working full time the local government authority in Leamo (and writing a novel in my spare time), I also have my own part time web design business. It’s been going about a year and although it’s not destined to expand to the point of ever getting into legal wrangles with huge eff-off companies like SKY or Virgin it does make the mortgage easier to pay and allows me to occasionally treat myself to a luxury item or two to make all this hard work seem worthwhile. It also allows me to pay off the various bills and sundries that the modern age seems to offload onto most of us.

Or at least it does when I get paid.

I know that all freelancers have great difficulty getting their customer to cough up the cash but it’s bloody annoying when I can’t pay my debts cos someone won’t pay the debt they owe me.

Karen feels I should get tough. Down tools until I get paid. I must admit I’m probably less business minded than she is – and possibly more of a wuss – so I have tried to avoid taking this nastier stance. I mean, such games of one-upmanship could lead to the clients getting arsy and heading elsewhere and STILL not paying me.

But given that I’m now owed over £600 and payment is virtually 3 month’s late I’m beginning to think that I have very little to lose.

I hate getting all hardnosed about it but they’re now COSTING me money rather than just denying me my due.

You know who you are. Pay up or I’ll stick the boot in!

Ok. Gripe over.



It seems a little silly to mess with someone who designed your website!
Surely you have the ability to 're-design' the website anytime you wish?

TimeWarden said...

You’re also losing interest on the £600. I presume you’ve written to them politely asking for payment, several times, in which case Karen is right, a tougher stance is required. They might never pay unless you become more insistent. I’m not talking physical! But there’s always a way of wording these things, as I’m sure you know, that will suggest to your “clients” that you’re fed up with waiting because you need the money now.

My advice is don’t let them take advantage. There’s an old Lol Crème and Kevin Godley song goes, “Business is business, and only the numb survive!”. Good luck with it, Steve. I hope you get the money they owe and soon.

Steve said...

Hi Aly, yes I could mess their site up - even pull it off-line but technically they've paid me for that. It's the last three month's updates that I'm waiting for. Plus I'd get bad name if I started sabotaging local businesses!

Godley and Creme are right, Timewarden. As luck would have it another email reminder got a promise out of them of payment this week... we'll see what happens!

-eve- said...

wow, looks like running a business is harder than it seems.... :-) Here's hoping you get paid soon!

Tristan said...

I think you should consider watching the Sopranos for some handy tips on how to deal with debtors. Mind you, would the bodies stay sunk in the river Leam?

Steve said...

They would if they were wearing concrete Nike's...