Thursday, September 20, 2007


Funniest advert on TV at the moment is the one for Garnier's UltraLift Deep Wrinkle A Zone. Apparently it does exactly what it says on the tin and "targets deep wrinkles in your A Zone".

I know I'm being juvenile but the thought of approaching a cosmetics counter and asking for a cream that targets the deep wrinkle in my A Zone has me hooting with laughter.

How could the director of this advert have been so blind to the obvious double entendre?

What next? Are Garnier and Preparation H going to merge?

Isn't that going to be a bit messy?


The Poet Laura-eate said...

But I'm proud of my Alpha zone!

In fact as a veggie I can proudly claim to be an alf alfa female, trumping all alpha females good & proper, so there!

But while we're at it let's shoot all twentysomethings who advertise anti-wrinkle cream. Do you know, before I realised they were twentysomethings I used to walk around believing that this stuff must really work!

Steve said...

Alf alfa? Is that something to do with a variants of hay crops? Shucks. I guess I'm displaying a heap of manly ignorance here! Just tried looking on Google and the sensors here at work promptly blocked the search page for "alf alfa female"... all of which makes me eager to have a look from my more liberally minded PC at home later. Do hope I'm not going to be disappointed...!

As for anti-wrinkle cream I loved the sketch in Man Stroke Woman where a customer explained to a cosmetics counter assistance that she'd been buying and using anti-aging cream every day for the last 10 years... but she now found she looked 10 years older and so wished to be fully refunded...

The Poet Laura-eate said...

oo-er, innocent little me has only just twigged the double entendre of the 'A' zone as mentioned in your posting.

That'll teach me for muting the ads (well they do boom out so)

Alf alfa are a variety of bean sprouts - kryptonite for humans if the 'diet doctors' are to be believed.

So not *too* much for your search engines to get overheated about. Sorry.

I'll just go and rub some more cream into my 'A' zone.

Seriously tho' if you could get a cream to make 'arseholes' disappear, I know an accountant who'd make a good guinea pig, ha ha.

Steve said...

Ha ha! Lol! Yes and I know a payment shirking web client who'd also provide excellent test material...!

The Sagittarian said...

I think your humour is scrapping the bottom.
By the way if you want to check my necklace blog and let me know if the problem has been fixed I'd be obliged pardner. Thanks, from the heart of my bottom.

Steve said...

Hi Amanda, as I'm just bumming about this morning anyway I might be cheeky and have a quick butchers, no butts about it. ;-)


What about the Nadine Baggett advert where she extols the virtues of Pentapeptides? I swear that woman aged considerably between the last 2 adverts she made.I know it doesn't say much for the product but when I saw advert number 2 I immediately thought HAS SHE BEEN ILL?.

Steve said...

Too tight - and what are Pentapeptides anyway? Isn't that just another made up pseudo-scientific term to encourage us to pay more money for the product?

Steve said...

Too tight??? That wasn't another arse joke... just a typo...!