Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hi all - this is just a very quick check-in as life has got unbelievably busy at the moment! I hope to compose a proper post soon.

Having talked it over with Karen we've decided not to put photos of the baby on-line - Karen is pretty uncomfortable with the idea which is fair enough in my book. So for those of you that would like to see one or two baby pics (I promise not to inundate your in-box's with hundreds) we have come up with a solution which will hopefully work for everybody.

If you'd like to see the photos then please leave me your email address in a comment. I won't publish any of the comments therefore your addresses will remain private.

Please don't feel obliged to do this - I know baby pics aren't everybody's cup of tea but if you'd like to see the baby then you know what to do!


The Poet Laura-eate said...

Hi Steve

No worries, but don't babies change by the day anyway?

I for one promise not to kidnap him either way, honest! :-)

However I guess you have to respect Mrs GTI's wishes at the end of the day.

Old Cheeser said...

Just to say I got the pics you emailed me - thanks Steve! The baby looks very cute. Will reply to your email soon!


Glenda Young said...

Yes please, I'd love to see the pictures and CONGRATULATIONS to you both. I am so pleased to hear that everything went well.


Steve said...

Have sent them on their way Nora - thank you for asking and likewise an email should have reached you too by now, Ally.

Enjoy! ;-)

Steve said...

Thanks for the request Amanda - photos winging their way to you through the electronic ether even as I type!

Steve said...

And thanks to you too, Eve - photos just sent!

-eve- said...

Wow, that was quick... ! Tom looks good... and you look very happy too! You're holding him very expertly... :-)