Friday, March 30, 2007

(Almost) Black Thursday

The last 36 hours have been mad to say the least but the end result is that I can now announce to the world that Karen is 12 weeks pregnant. Well, 12 weeks and 1 day according to the doctors.

Regular readers of my old Pocketropolis Blog will know that we sadly went through a miscarriage last July at the 20 week stage of development. So as you can imagine, to say we’re a mite sensitive to the vagaries of foetal development this time round is something of an understatement...

Hence a heavy bout of bleeding Wednesday night sent us into paroxysms of panic and fear and “oh no not again.” To cut a long story short the hospital could do very little until the next day as they would need to perform a scan to determine if all was well with the baby and the scan unit didn't operate at night. Cue a sleepless night for us both.

By Thursday morning the bleeding had eased off quite a bit which was a relief but we still wanted to know for sure that all was ok. Because of a lucky cancellation we managed to get a scan appointment for 2pm – otherwise we would have had to wait until Saturday! That would have been unbearable.

Thankfully the scan revealed that was all ok with the baby – nice strong heartbeat and no obvious signs of anything wrong: the bleeding appeared to just be a clot of some kind that Karen’s body had decided to get rid off at this particular time.

Cue huge sighs of relief.

We’re now set for a nuchal scan on Monday morning and another scan the week after. After what happened last year the doctors are going to monitor this pregnancy closely and we’re glad of their attention I can tell you.

Today Karen and I are both back at work feeling physically and mentally exhausted. But the normality is a comfort. Thank God it’s Friday!


TimeWarden said...

Congratulations to you both! I’m sorry to hear about Karen’s miscarriage and really hope all goes well this time. Good to know the baby has a strong heartbeat, Steve, and please pass on my best regards to your wife. I’m sure everyone will be keeping their fingers crossed for a safe and healthy delivery.

Steve said...

Thank you kindly, Timewarden - that's much appreciated.


Brilliant news, I hope everything goes really well from here on in.
Best wishes for the future.

Glenda Young said...

Congratulations. Best get rid of those nits first though. And wash your pants.