Thursday, March 08, 2007

Novel Watch

Novel update:

7,093 words written so far and I’m three scenes into chapter 2.

There have been several allusions to “boy on girl” naughtiness, a single random act of violence and a gritty, London tube journey from Oxford Circus to Stockwell.

Credits and acknowledgments so far extend to Wikipedia and the London Underground Map and my proof-reader, Karen.

Anyone wishing to purchase the film rights can contact me here via this blog.



Have you decided on the actors yet?

Steve said...

Not completely - but Sir Ian "You Shall Not Pass" McKellen would definitely get my vote for one of the roles.

Old Cheeser said...

Will Beverley Craven be appearing in a cameo?

(I just don't know where to stop...)

Steve said...

Only in the porno "straight to DVD" version! ;-)