Friday, May 25, 2007

Apologies Expected

I’m not sure how I feel about the recent announcement that Channel 4 is to be forced to apologize no less than three times for last year’s Celebrity Big Brother racism row. Or Shilpa-gate as it’s come to be known.

Sure Channel 4 is culpable in some measure for how the whole debacle spiralled out of hand in the first place. They should have stepped in immediately and given warnings to Jade Goodey, Jo O’Meara and Danielle Lloyd the minute they overstepped the mark. Let’s face it they’re always quick enough to step in when some of the petty BB house rules get broken. Nipping it in the bud early would have avoided the international row that then ensued, saved Shilpa Shetty from having to suffer such an abominable ordeal and (very low down on anyone’s list of priorities) possibly saved Jade, Jo and Danielle from career ruination.

But the people who really should be apologizing in my book are the three witches themselves. I think Channel 4 should get Jade, Jo and Danielle back into the studio to make some very public, very grovelling, very fulsome apologies. Nobody forced them to act the way they did and no matter how manipulative the BB bosses are there’s no evidence that they actively encouraged any of the racist behaviour.

As far as I’m concerned the buck stops with the bullies.

Make them pay!

And then burn them at the stake!

(Tune in next week to read my well articulated arguments to bring back the birch, the stocks, flogging, hanging and Madame Guillotine...)



It was good at the time that Jade and Danielle said they were sorry for what they had done but I have since seen no evidence of Jo ever accepting that she did any thing wrong.
I commented on my blog about Freaky Eaters and said that Debbie was not a freaky eater but just had a good old fashioned food addiction(like my own for bread and potatoes)and that she was acting like a badly behaved 14 year old. Debbie wrote to my blog and said that the show makers had misrepresented her, it was a really polite message and I felt badly for her so I immediately emailed her back and told her that I also felt that she had been misrepresented. After Lembit Opik two-timed Sian Lloyd(she said the relationships overlapped but he denied it)I printed a really stupid looking picture or Lembit and his Cheeky Girl on my blog, a little while later I felt guilty for putting the pictures up but if he had said the photo had upset him I wouln't have said sorry. Totally differrent case!And Sian Loyd's niece was Fiona's best friend all through primary school-so it was personal!
Don't mess with family or friends.

TimeWarden said...

Channel 4 should have broadcast all three women's racist remarks uncut then, although offensive, the empty-headed bimbos would've crucified themselves completely through showing those gullible members of the public just how deeply moronic these kind of celebs really are!

The Sun are racist every time there's a football match between England and Germany and no-one raps their knuckles. The tabloid fuels the yobs to behave in a manner to create the next day's headlines which, by any other name, is incitement to riot. Yet, they claim to be outraged by terrorism!

Old Cheeser said...

Great idea, yes they should get the three witchy bitches on TV and make them confess their sins in public. This should have been done ages ago though, just as Channel 4 seem to have been very slow in coming back with an apology. The show was broadcast last year, for God's sake!

And here we go with yet another round of Big Brother (ordinary as opposed to celebrity)about to be unleashed on the viewing public. Aaaaah! I'll probably end up watching it though, not to mention writing about it on my blog - just as I did with the last Celebrity series - as did you, Steve! It's good writing/gossip fodder if nothing else!

Steve said...

Too right, Old Cheeser - I'm sharpening my knives... erm, I mean my pen right now in fact! ;-)