Sunday, May 20, 2007

Oven Ready

Class episode of Doctor Who last night.

My favourite line was Miss Jones panicked comment to the Doctor – “You’re defrosting!”

It made the Doctor sound like a Bernard Matthews’ oven ready meal. Hell, given her constant moocow eyes over the sonic screwdrivered one, I’m sure she’d be quite happy to tuck in to his thick piecrust pastry with or without gravy, hot or cold, any day of the week.

So is Mr Tennant a slice of prime Aberdeen Angus beef steak or just a mouldy old bit of ham from the back of the freezer?

Hmm. I suspect the former. I thought the whole cast were superb last night and Michelle Collins handled the Ripley-esque role of McDonnell excellently.

Now there was a hot dish. I have to say she was looking damn good.

Just a couple of seconds in the microwave and she’d be done...


Ready to serve…


-eve- said...

When I first read 'defrosting', I had the same thought as you (microwave!) It's only by stretching the mind a little that one sees it the way she meant it. The way you've pictured it, though, now I can't help my mind from conjuring up an image of a serious-looking doctor being put into the oven (like in Hansel & Gretel)!

Old Cheeser said...

I have to say I felt rather disappointed with it really. But hey what do you expect from an original Dr Who geekoid with very high expectations?!

Considering that they were about to plunge into the heart of the sun the crew all seemed far too laid back about it - there wasn't enough tension in there for me.

The performances were all competent but I didn't find Ms Collins gutsy or tough enough as the ship's captain. Mind you she did acquit herself at the end by making such a noble sacrfice and I guess that was a Ripley-type moment - similar to what happens at the end of Alien 3!

I think you're right about Martha though!

I'm looking forward to next week's story though, looks much better.

TimeWarden said...

Lashings of gravy and you'll be licking the platter!!! ;)

I thought it was a good episode, too, despite the zillion illogicalities! Whoever heard of putting a fail-safe device on the outside of a ship, for example? Probably designed by the same dumb people who put alleyways through housing estates which allow the criminal element to slip away undetected!!

Steve said...

True, TimeWarden. And having 20-odd passworded doors between the engine room and the cockpit also seemed completely OTT for what is essential merely a freight ship. But forget all that. Ms Collins was covered in baby oil! Baby oil!