Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Last week I had my annual appraisal with my boss, Jeff. Neither of us particularly like the appraisal process because we both know that at heart it’s just another feel-good paperwork exercise with which our employer – the Local Authority – likes to burden its staff. So everybody goes through the motions but no-one really takes it seriously and another three sheets of A4 paper get bunged to the back of the filing cabinet along with the Public Complaints file.

The only good thing about the whole exercise is that my boss usually holds the meeting in the rather informal setting of the café and buys me the hot beverage of my choice out of his own pocket. The fact that we get a 15 percent discount is neither here nor there.

Anyway, as appraisals go it wasn’t at all bad. I got my back slapped. I got praised. I got thanked for all my hard work and effort over the last 12 months. And I got an admission from Jeff that my job description needed to be updated to reflect how the post has grown and changed over the last few years to encompass all manner of new and weighty responsibilities.

It was at this point that I (reasonably) thought to ask if there would be a fiscal element to this updating process...

To which my boss smiled and assured me that he foresaw no need to reduce my salary in the near future.

Oh ho ho.

That’s all I need.

A boss with a sense of humour.


Old Cheeser said...

Oh dear. Either that or he's a boss that's totally thick?

No, I don't mean that. But it's amazing how good people can be at dodging the issue eh? It's kind of annoying when you put in lots of work and don't receive sufficient recompense for it. If I've worked hard, give me a bloody pay rise, for gawd's sakes!!

How's the web design company coming on?

-eve- said...

LOL! Yup, he DOES have a sense of humour. Oh well, at least you tried...:-D

TimeWarden said...

Does he do the dance as well?!!

I hope you didn't let your face drop when he used the word "reduce", Steve? Sounds like a typical managerial response by someone keeping one eye on the purse strings. And, if you get a raise, it'll seem doubly welcome after the suggestion of the opposite, even if/though it was in jest!

Steve said...

Dodging the issue is putting it mildly, Old Cheeser! To be fair to my boss though, a lot of the budgetary decisions are made way up the council food chain and are out of his hands. Even so, a good word from him could have a positive effect on my pay packet!

The web design company is trundling along - I get regular work but nothing that's going to pay for a fortnight in Monte Carlo! At least my troublesome clients finally paid the money they owed me! Unfortunately all of that has to go towards my tax bill!

Steve said...

Timewarden, I can't think of anything more scary than Jeff doing the "David Brent" dance! I'm just thankful that nobody thinks I'm Gareth!

Steve said...

I did indeed try Eve - give it 6 months and I'll try again! God knows what the response will this time!