Monday, June 18, 2007


After an extremely busy weekend I feel absolutely done-in. So apologies to anyone expecting a post sparkling with my usual wit and bonhomie. At the moment my eyes are gummed up with fatigue and my brain powered down with the same.

Not a pretty sight. But then I’m not much cop on a good day either.

An eventful day off on Friday saw Karen and I lunching together at a lovely Thai restaurant in Stratford, watching our boy perform in his school assembly and then hotfooting it to the cinema to see Spiderman 3... which I actually enjoyed. I used to get the Spiderman comic as a kid so Spidey always has appeal – Kirsten Dunst is just an added bonus. Mind you I wasn’t sure about her “jazz club singing” in this particular outing. Still easy on the eye often means deaf to the ear...

Saturday was taken over by a phenomenal bout of pregnancy related toothache that afflicted Karen from the outset. Cue various phone calls to NHS Direct, cue endless waiting for unsympathetic doctors to call back and refer us on somewhere else and then somewhere else and then somewhere else that referred us back to the original number. It was like some kind of tortuous dance. Once we’d jumped through enough hoops we were finally allowed to see a doctor at the hospital (by which time Karen was screaming in agony) to get some industrial strength painkillers which could dull the pain and not harm the baby.

God I love the NHS.

Sunday saw us trying to catch up on all we’d missed on Saturday – house chores, gardening chores, shopping chores and in between I did some work on a web site I’ve been commissioned to build for a local chauffeur company. Once it’s completed I will no doubt post a link to it on this ‘ere blog.

And now here I am at work on Monday wondering where the hell the weekend went.

Work is great fun today. All the bad weather last week resulted in leaks bursting forth everywhere and much warping of wood. Guess who’s having to spearhead the clean up / repair operation?


I’m in me galoshes once again.

It’s non stop glamour, my life...


Old Cheeser said...

Sorry to hear about Karen's painful experience - hope she's feeling better now.

The weekend always goes too bloody fast and the week drags - why is that? I have a lot on at the mo and not enough time (to compensate I have shut down my blog for a while as you know...)

However this weekend (for me at any rate) was greatly improved by a wondrous Dr Who episode - Derek Jacobi was brilliant! I'm actually not so sure about John Simm though - he was too camperama. Let's hope he tones down a bit for the finale...

I'm sure you look a picture in your galoshes. Good luck with plugging the gaps (so to speak).

Steve said...

Thanks Old Cheeser, Karen is coping with the aid of the painkillers and has managed to book an emergency appointment with the dentist tomorrow... needless to say she's both relieved and dreading it...

Yeah I know what you mean about John Simm but according to DW Confidential it was meant to reflect the rush or temporary insanity of having just freshly regenerated. Hopefully he'll be more sinister and dark in the forthcoming episodes!


Your account with the dentist sounds quite frightening,I had a similar problem with my teeth when I was pregnant but we phoned the dental surgery who came into the surgery to see me as an emergency.
You might want to read about fillings when you are pregnant,when I was pregnant I had a lot of dental work and many believe that certain fillins can cause heavy metal poisoning and possibly lead to autism. I personally do not know what to believe but I do wonder sometimes if the work I had done when I was pregnant might have contributed to the severity of Beauty's autim.Saying that it could easily be the high temperature she had when we were in hospital with MRSA when she 10 days old, who knows.I REALY do not want to scare you but I thought you might want to know .I hope Karen is OK.When you don't blog for a few days I wonder if she and the baby are OK,being a mother makes you worry about every body.

TimeWarden said...

The dentist isn't my favourite place either! Hope the appointment resolves or at least helps to alleviate Karen's problem.

Being given the run-around by bureaucratic officialdom, where you end up back where you started, is what Dickens describes, in "Little Dorrit", as circumlocution! There's even an office devoted to the activity of "how best not to do it" in the novel!! That's why "literature's news that stays news" because, as you experienced over the weekend, it's still the same today!!!

Steve said...

It's nice to have so many people wishing us well! It really is hugely appreciated. Thank you all. :-)