Saturday, June 02, 2007

It’s A Boy. Probably.

Karen and I went for the 20 week scan at the hospital yesterday… or rather the 21 week scan in our case.

It was quite a nerve-racking ordeal as this was the point last year that we discovered the baby was dead. Hence we didn’t particularly have good associations with the process.

I’m glad to say, however, that all is very well in womb-land and baby is developing nicely. Good strong heartbeat and everything appears to be in order. Obviously there is still a way to go but so far things are looking good.

They also had a look to see if they could determine the gender (at our request). After a bit of nosying around they were pretty sure that 'baby' is a boy.

We’re dead chuffed. To tell the truth, boy or girl we don’t really care as long as they’re fit and healthy and have a penchant for winning the Lottery. Actually that last part is an optional extra. Fit and healthy will be rich enough for us.

Names… names…! Now that we know the sex we’ve been mulling over a few names.

We’ve unfortunately discounted Napoleon and Ludwig. And Anakin too, much to the chagrin of our boy, Ben.

Instead we’ve pretty much settled on Thomas Arthur. But hey, that could all change between now and October (the due date).

Enjoy the scan above. Tom wishes to say “hi”…


-eve- said...

Congratulations!:-) It's a good name, too.


My girls are constantly discussing names for babies, it must be their age. They love the name Gus so they will be able to call a boy Gus,Gus after the mouse in Cinderella!
My first child was called Marc but I do like the name Max as well.I love the scan picture.Brilliant.

Tristan said...

Brilliant news mate - have another two and you could have Tom, Dick and Harry!

Old Cheeser said...

I sincerely doubt that I will ever bear children, but my congratulations to you nevertheless.

One of my brothers is called Thomas - good choice of name!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - great picture and lovely name!

Here's wishing Karen a restful, healthy 2nd half of pregnancy.....

xGreenfingersx - who still can't activate her google account

Steve said...

Karen and I wish to extend our hearty thanks to you all for your warm wishes! :-)