Thursday, March 01, 2007

An Englishman’s Home...

As from today Karen and I are now proud home owners.

All the paperwork was signed, countersigned, stamped, sealed, delivered and legalized yesterday placing our humble home firmly into the hands of myself and my good lady wife. The steel stock of The Mortgage is now firmly fixed around my throat. Its fiendish stiletto blade is at my kidneys... money demanded with menaces and all that jazz.

As my good friend Tris has pointed out: I now have the pleasure of paying for any repair bills myself – boiler, washing machine, roof tiles, gas and electricity supply, plumbing and pipe work... they’re ALL mine.

On the bright side though I own an effing house! And a three bedroom house at that. I’m on the property ladder! I’m a veritable property tycoon!

Bring up the drawbridge, love, this castle’s mine!


Old Cheeser said...

Congratulations!! So yeah you've taken on some responsibilities, for sure, but it must be a nice feeling knowing you own your own place.

Perhaps you could invite Beverley Craven round for the housewarming? With raw marrow crudites, of course.

TimeWarden said...

And that’s on top of phone bills, internet service provider, TV license, groceries, petrol (if you’re prepared to risk damaging your car!), council tax… the list is endless, then we spend what’s left buying CDs and DVDs and paying the salaries of overpaid talent less oiks!! C’est la Vie!!! Congratulations though Steve, to you and yours.

Steve said...

Thanks for the congratulations, guys! Hmm... a housewarming with Bev Craven? Hmm. Better fire up the camcorder!


I can still remember the thrill of buying my house nearly 11 years ago,congratulations.I was on a low-start mortgage and I remember the feeling of panic thinking that at the end of the year I would not be able to afford the full mortgage.My daughter now pays more rent a month for her 1 bed flat in an old house than I do in mortgage!
Definitely one of the best things I ever did.