Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Baps And Beyond

After yesterday’s "Lorraine Kelly breast-fest" I feel the need to move this blog away from such bap-titious topics and onto a more sedate and gentlemanly footing.

Hey. I’ve just invented a new word!

Baptitious: adj, of or pertaining to the female mammary glands; resembling breasts; boob-like. Not to be confused with baptism or baptize though baptitiousness is not confined to any one religious or social denomination. Usage: Lorraine Kelly, wearing a plunging neckline, looked exceedingly baptitious on GMTV this morning, said Eamonn Holmes in a recent interview with Cantaloupe Weekly.

Eat your heart out Samuel Johnson. Shove it in your dictionary and spin on it!

Yes. Anyway. About this more sedate and gentlemanly footing...


Old Cheeser said...

Au contraire, your blog is becoming positively baps/Lorraine Kelly-fixated, I fear Steve!!


Mind you I can talk, with my own ponderings on inserting marrows into Beverley Craven and John Barrowman going commando, amongst other licentious topics.

But a little bit of naughtiness helps to spice things up really doesn't it? And keeps our fellow bloggers and readers tuning in.

For better or worse, the tabloids have their finger on the pulse. As do we. Or our fingers somewhere, at any rate. I rather suspect you would like yours to be hovering near the baptitious Lorraine. Whereas mine would be on John Barrowman's *&^$%£_@>J Whoops! Something appears to have wrong with the keyboard...

Steve said...

Ha ha! Yes - I'd forgotten about the Beverley Craven marrow incident! That was a couple of hundred pounds well spent, I can tell you - my psychotherapist works wonders!

You're abosolutely right about a bit of naughtiness helping the world to go round though... and after all the heaviness of Celebrity Big Brother I felt that a lighter touch was needed. Something a bit more fun and ebullient. Bouncy even.

And what can be bouncier than Lorriane Kelly's splendidly Caledonian baps?

Aside from John Barrowman's *&^$%£_@>J, of course?!