Saturday, January 13, 2007


Can’t deny it. I feel absolutely pants today. I’m suffering from a raging head cold and all its many accoutrements. All of which seem to be disgustingly snot based.

However, I bet I’m feeling a lot better than dopey dwarf, Leo Sayer, who comically slit the throat of his own already poorly career yesterday (surely a case of euthanasia?) by evacuating himself, little poo stylee, from the Big Brother house in high dudgeon all because BB refused to supply him with a clean pair of underpants.

Leo it seems refused to wash his own underpants on camera because it was “degrading”.

Hmm. It’s only degrading, Leo, if your grundies are horrifically spattered with turd-stains, haemorrhoid cream or spunk.

Or all three, of course.

Hmm. Is there anything you wish to come clean about, Mr Sayer?

Apparently not.

Not on camera anyway…


Old Cheeser said...

Funny that we should be writing about the same topic, but then again it is very "current". Yes, what exaxctly happened to make old Leo's pants so soiled?

Thanks for your own comment on my blog.

And I love your caption with the photo - hilarious!!

Steve said...

Thanks for your own comments, Old Cheeser - I'll certainly be making another visit to your very funny blog soon.

Old Cheeser said...

Cheers Steve! And you are most welcome!

I'm hope CBB will provide us with more juicy material for posts ...