Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Big Brother Quotes Of The Day 2

Jack: (after BB explained that all human embryos are female for the first few weeks of their existence) “What’s an envryo?” [sic]

Jade: after BB invited the housemates to submit a question that they’d always wanted to know the answer to, Jade came up with this corker - “How comes Eskimos don’t turn into human icey-cubes?” Even after being supplied with the answer Jade, like Jack, was still no wiser and requested that any Eskimos watching the show get in touch with her to explain things in more detail.

Jade, if you ever encountered an Eskimo he’d launch 5 harpoons into your back and be living off the blubber for the next 6 months. He’d also make a kayak out of your lips (and I am not referring to your kebab).

On another BB-centric note: I am not at all liking the bullying that Jo, Danielle and Jade are subjecting Shilpa to at the moment. This type of thing seems to occur every year... horrible little cliques striving to re-enact the Lord Of The Flies. Jo and Danielle are offensive in the extreme and have even been dipping their evil little toes into the rancid waters of racism. Meanwhile Jade is careering all over Shilpa's feelings like a tank being driven by a lobotomized chimpanzee... I’d like to see all three of them hoofed out of the house as soon as possible please.


Old Cheeser said...

Yes they are being pretty mean to her and there's no excuse for the racism. Girls can be very nasty sometimes. Danielle seems particularly two-faced calling Shilpa a "dog" when only days before she'd told her that she was "lovely".

On the other hand Shilpa does have a bit of a self-pitying streak about her. I get the impression that when faced with trouble she runs and hides or bursts into tears. She's also not much of a practical girl I think and is used to having things done for her. But that still doesn't mean she deserves all the unpleasantness.


I said On my blog that I wasn't sure about the bullying and the racism, now I am sure! It has gone beyond a joke and is wrong and BB needs to intervene.
I agree with you, the three of them need to be kicked out.