Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Just Get On With It, Man!

I can’t believe how much vacillation I have entered into with regards my novel. I still haven’t begun writing the damn thing. Admittedly over-working and a dose of the seasonal flu bug that’s been going around has horse-whipped any kind of enthusiasm for extra curricula activity clean out of me... but even so, this is hesitancy on a historically humungous scale.

My current dilemma is: third person or not third person? First person has an immediacy that I like – plus all that juicy introspection – but another part of me favours third person to gain that delicious sense of omniscience... even though part of me feels it’s a trifle trad.

This debate of course is just a cover for the dark mire of nail-biting fear that is really lying at the heart of my current delay...

It’s time to put a metaphorical gun to my own head. Do it... or the bunny gets it!


-eve- said...

Hmmm, why not do it all? Write in 1st person, write in 3rd... write to the reader, explaining that you now feel the need to be the omniscient narrator...;-) Or would it be too confusing?:-)

Steve said...

If only I could do it all! Help! My problem is I need to discipline myself (oo-er)!

Old Cheeser said...

Perhaps I should invite Gillian McKeith round to your house - I'm sure she'd CERTAINLY help you get cracking on that novel, Steve!

"Start writing NOW!! Or I'll make you eat your own POO, you total WORM!!"

Never mind the bunny.

Okay, you have 24 hours to start writing or I'll ring Gillian.

That enough of a motivator, young man?

Steve said...

Start writing? Start running more like! Gillian McKeith isn't getting her hands on my Mars bar I can tell you!


My comment is going to be so boring compared to the rest.
Research other writers and source the books you like or the style you want to emulate and look at the way they are written.I have noticed some writers using different forms in one book.You don't have to read lots of books just go to the library and skim books and look for examples.
I have heard that some writers spend months on research.I have just read The Black Angel by John Connolly and his research must have taken him a long time.Do some practice paragraphs as research to see which reads and sounds best, then get someone you know to read what you have written and see if they agree with you as to which is the best form.
Sounds too easy!
Giving advice to someone else can be a bit like having a PHD in hindsight,easier because it's not personal. I hope my idea helps though.

Steve said...

Thanks for the practical advice Aly - I've taken it and have been flicking through books by my favourite authors to pick up a few ideas! My biggest problem is that I find research deadly dull - it's the same on my Uni degree; I never do any secondary reading unless I absolutely have to! Just born lazy, I guess!