Monday, February 12, 2007

Where’s The Story?

Heaven forbid that I ever throw my support behind a smug Tory toff but I’m astonished at the ridiculous fuss the UK press is currently making over David Cameron’s “drugs past”.

Where the hell is the story? Where’s the newsworthiness?

The guy took a toke on a spliff when he was a teenager... and he ISN’T denying it.

Big deal.

Now if he was denying it to all and sundry and flying in the face of hard facts then there’d be a story worth a column inch or two.

But "David Cameron Refuses To Deny He Was A Bit Naughty As A Lad" can hardly float any scandal monger’s boat. Even on a quiet news week.

Personally I think the story has been leaked to the press deliberately by Cameron’s supporters to try and gain the elusive youth vote. "Hey David took skunk when he was at Eton – he’s a geezer like us, in’ee?"


I bet his schooling at Eton is far more damaging to his quest to achieve super street cred than all the bongs he may or may not have smoked put together...



My first thought on reading about David Cameron and his past was ,'am I meant to care'?
Sorry I don't!

Steve said...

Too right! I'm more worked up about the press's transparent machinations to try and get us all scandalized about it all than the actual drug taking episode itself. It'll be a sad day indeed when anything David Cameron does impinges on my life that much!