Friday, May 04, 2007

Doctor Who Exclusive!

Having lived for most of my life in the completely land-locked town of Leamington Spa I was mystified when a friend found a web site this morning that purported to tell the history of the Leamington Spa Life Boat Museum. It waxed lyrical about the brave life boat men of Leamington Spa as they risked their all on the high seas to save stricken sailors along the rough Leamington Spa coastline.

Leamington also appeared to have uprooted itself from deepest Warwickshire in the very heart of the country and re-sited itself near Carlisle on completely the wrong side of the UK!

What the hell was going on? Had I entered an alternative reality?


Further investigation revealed that the source of this mystery lay with the BBC and Doctor Who. Follow the links below to find out more:

Future visitors to Leamington Spa please note: life jackets will not be fitted as standard.


TimeWarden said...

Do you think the BBC will actually put anything up on all those domain names they own or have they just registered them to stop fans using those particular web addresses?

As predicted, Steve, there will be no episode of "DW" next week 'cos of the Eurovision. It's being held over to the following Saturday, the day of the FAC up Final! Apologies... FA Cup Final!! And, we're all really looking forward to that one running into extra time!!!

Steve said...

I haven't checked all the sites but there seems to be content on most of them - quite professional looking too. Not sure why they've gone into so much detail when the sites barely feature in the programs. I guess someone at the Beeb just likes building web sites. Hmm. Wonder if I could get a job...?