Friday, January 19, 2007

All Work And No Play

I’m a victim of my own success (well, ain’t we all, luvie?) –

I’ve got so much web work coming in at the moment on top of my day job that I’m practically working 10 hour days... the consequence being that I’m either tired, grouchy, hyper-actively detached or, as is often the case, all three.

Karen very tactfully pointed out to me last night that it’s got to stop before I run myself into the ground. And she’s right too. I feel like I’ve hardly seen her or Ben over the last three weeks and I can’t recall the last time I didn’t feel like I was carrying a two tonne weight on my shoulders.

I need to get into the habit of better time management – placing R & R time a lot higher up the list than it currently is. After all, look at it this way: why should work get the best I have to offer when it leaves me with nothing for those I love?

I’m turning into a fat, balding workaholic. Accept I’m neither fat nor balding thankfully. And being a workaholic is the last thing I thought I’d ever be. I’m supposed to be a languorous Leo for heaven sake!

It’s time to kick back and have some fun!


Anonymous said...


Steve said...

Thanks for the suggestion, matey. Are you prepared to subsidize my visit in any way? Supply me with food and lodgings, etc? That's terribly good of you, old chap.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could gain some space in your life for quality time for yourself and your relationship with your family by watching less TV?? Scandalous suggestion I know! The TV can function like drugs or alcohol whether we think of it as addictive or not. By being honest about the role of TV in your life and the life of you family will help you gain perspective about what's important and how much time you truly have.

Steve said...

Oh really?

My family life is pretty damn good if you don't mind.

As for having an addiction to TV... oh please. Did you not read my blog entry? I work 10+ hours a day. On top of that I regularly write articles and poetry (about 2500 words a day). On top of that I'm taking a part-time English degree... as well as doing all the normal family stuff (that normal people do) with my loved ones. All in all, I watch approximately 2 hours of television a day.

So what I don't need is some cleverarse assuming a "holier-than-thou, I-manage-my-life-better-than-you" tone of voice to lecture me on a lifestyle they know eff all about and giving me free "life advice" when he/she hasn't the guts or the grace to sign in with a name or an email address.

It seems to me you're addicted to sententious moralizing. Maybe you need to be honest about the function such an addiction has on your shrivelled little ego?

Anonymous said...

Where is the family life when you don't have time to see your wife and child for 3 weeks? As for sententious moralising - you are the master of that! Work out how much time 2 hours TV viewing a night is over a year.

Steve said...

Firstly, my blog entry was about me already making the decision to prioritize time with my family - so I neither need your condemnation nor your approval for that action.

I do not need to justify myself or my blog to you, matey. To quote an African poet: I write what I like. If you don't like it you know what you can do...

P.S. Where the hell did you get the idiotic (and completely untrue) idea that I didn't actually see my family for 3 weeks?? I said I FELT like I hadn't seen them for 3 weeks. Big difference! Jesus. What arrogant git assumes a judgemental opinion about somebody's whole life when they only have a few words to go on? It's effing stupid and dangerous! Especially when people like you decide to fill in the gaps with your own small-minded prejudicies.

P.P.S. I feel sorry for your family. I bet you're hell to live with. You ought to buy them a television set so they can have a few hours break from you. It'll be healthier all round, I'm telling you.

Steve said...

Before you deign to respond again, Anonymous, kindly read my new blog entry Television Is Evil (Apparently).

Steve said...

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