Friday, January 26, 2007

The Über Novel

At long last, after literally years of harping on and on about my desire to write a novel I’m finally in a position to start one.

I have an idea. It’s workable. I’ve lived with it for a while and my intelligent and stylish wife has picked it to pieces, scanned it for logic holes and generally bullied it into tip-top shape like a hard-nosed training officer in the United Stated army (only without the muscular moustache and the baguette sized cigar).

I have the technical ability. Well, at least I think I do. I’ve been scoring quite a few successes with my writing over the last few years – it’s about time I put my skills to a bigger test and made the dream real.

I have the stamina. Yes really I do. I consistently write a thousand words a day – usually for this here blog - and regularly write for my own web site, Pocketropolis. Why not siphon off some of that verbiage into a more lasting project? Go on, my son, you can do it!

I have the motivation. God anything that offers me a possible escape route from my boring, soul destroying job will be grabbed with both hands I can tell you. The Foreign Legion and Al Qaeda were all viable options at one point. I even considered Big Brother for a while... Well. Actually, no. I didn’t. That’s a lie. Things have never been that bad.

I have the power. He-Man stylee. The planets are all correctly aligned. The Death Star plans are on board. I’m perched on the edge of Mount Doom with the One Ring in my hands.

So why instead of starting today – right now – have I again typically distracted myself by composing yet another blog entry?



I am way impressed with any one who can write a novel, I would love to but I fear my abilities in grammar and spelling would not be up to it.I have written a children's story which my girls think is good so there is some hope for me.
Go for it.

Old Cheeser said...

Good for you Steve - may I ask what your forthcoming novel is about?

I too have started writing various things and never completed them. I must return to one of those "projects" soon and finish it off!

I know exactly what you mean by getting distracted by one's own blog - it's positively addictive! But look at it this way, it's all good practice.

Steve said...

Without giving the plot away the novel is going to be in the magi-realism genre... about a book that allows you to control reality by writing about it. But it comes with a price... If I actually get anywhere with it I may start farming chapters out to people to garner some feedback!

-eve- said...

Wow, I like the idea for your novel ....sounds interesting... hurry up and finish it so we can all buy it!:-)