Thursday, April 12, 2007

This Was NOT Acceptable In The 80s!

Has every DJ in the UK taken a kick-back from Calvin Harris’s record company?

No matter where I go, no matter when I turn the radio on I am plagued with “Acceptable In The 80s” – surely the most abominable recording since Maggie Thatcher’s “Where there is despair may we bring hope” speech in the late 70s.

Stupid lyrics. Stupid pitch-warped vocals. And a stupid fake reedy synth backdrop that sounds like it was composed on a Bontempi organ. Utter utter shite.

This would absolutely have NOT been acceptable in the 80s.

It even wouldn’t have been acceptable in the 90s and that’s saying something.

Calvin. You may have hugs and love for people born in the 80s but for those who experienced their teenage years during that period we have nothing for you but a rather stiff middle finger.

Swivel you wasock.


Old Cheeser said...

Oh dear. Rather harsh criticism, Mr Bloggertropolis!! I have to say I am in complete disagreement with you here. Being an old cheeser and into my retro-style pop, I absolutely love it - it's a bit of a synth classic!


I will concede that is a bit of a "one note" song. And repeated plays could diminish it's impact - it does wear off quite fast, admittedly.

The point is though, it's not meant to be taken seriously. The song has its tongue firmly in its cheek, surely?

But each to their own, as they say! mean...this is less acceptable than Beverley Craven??

Steve said...

Beverley Craven is always acceptable... and always accepts...